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We are a peruvian company dedicated to the production, processing and export of fruits and vegetables, especially fresh green asparagus, as well as holantao, avocado, mango, pineapple and others.

We manage all the production chain: since the harvest until the export to the final customer. Additionally, we rent our installations for those businesses which don't have the equipment to develop some key activities such the postharvest management, maquila, vacuum packages, cold chain and the logistic distribution.

All this work is developed under the highest quality standards, according with international regulations of security and safety, as well as the parameters of Good Manufacturing Practices. This effort has made our company grow up each year and let us to sell our products to the biggest international markets.



We were born in 2000, after doing a market research where was detected the lack of installations and equipments in Lima. At the beginning we only offered the service of packing and storage to the companies which sold fresh fruits, vegetables and other products to the national and international market. Then we offered the full service of packing for holantao, covering since the logistics in the field until the product shipment to the North American market. At the end of that year we began the packing service of fresh green asparagus for an exporting company.

We export fresh green asparagus by first time at 2003, after buy it to the farmers. That year we established supply chains with farmers in the valleys of Huacho and Cañete, whose relationship remains strong so far. Along the time the benefits have been given for both parts: for example, the farmers expanded their sowed areas of asparagus. In this context we consolidated our position as a leading exporter of asparagus, which maintains continuity in its offer with high export volumes. At 2005 we used the same model of production chains in the valley of Huarmey and we have had the same successful results for the company and the farmers.

At 2007 we were chosen as the Peruvian Company of the Year in the category producer-exporter of vegetables, by our growth, the creation of formal employment and the support we give to small farmers. As part of our growth strategy, that year we started the export of other products like avocados, pineapples, peppers, and others. In addition, we started the sow of green asparagus to strengthen our position in the north of Lima. Also we have been colaborated with COFIDE (Corporación Financiera de Desarrollo) to support a group of farmers in this area. Currently this allows us to take control of all their crops and its sells exclusively. For all this work we have achieved a continuous growth in exports of vegetables with volumes which have increased 15% each year.

This year our installation is certified with GPM and we are working for the certification of the fields with Global Gap.


"The effort of Exotic Foods S.A.C is focus in continuous improvement of production and quality standards for the most demanding costumers. For that reason we have a selected staff, motivated and identified with our values and with the company which give us the security and confidence to be better each day as individuals and as a company."


"Our vision is to grow up as agro-export company, be prepared to participate successfully in the competitive global market and be recognize for the excellent presentation and quality of our products. This would be possible if we have a continuous program of training, allowing us to make a difference with other companies in the area."


Our instalation is certified with Good Manufacturing Practices - GPM and we are working for the certification of agricultural fields with Global Gap, as part of a growth strategy which has the main objective to provide the best quality for all the products and services we offer to the market.

Additionally, we make internal audits as part of a continuous process of improvement.

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